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Object to a rear extension

I live in a terraced property. I have received a letter from the Council stating that my neighbour has submitted plans to build a two storey rear extension. I have not looked at the plans yet but will likely object as it will block all light to my living room window.

Can you help by letting me know what to say in my objection?


Thanks for the post...

I appreciate that you are concerned - terraced properties, in particular, are most impacted when an adjoining neighbour builds an extension.

As a 'baseline' position however, you and many others benefit from permitted development rights (if not removed) to build certain extensions without even needing to apply for planning permission. I go into slightly more detail on this on this post - single storey rear extension thread.

However, not all extensions are appropriate and can have an adverse impact upon a properties amenities. Perhaps when you have a review of the scheme you can post back to let us know what exactly is being applied for....?

In order to object (if you wish to do so) these comments must be submitted to the relevant Council within the 21 day consultation process. The objection, to have most weight, must cover "material planning considerations".

Issues which are "material", and most likely relevant to you:
  • design - massing, bulk, materials, detailing
  • overlooking
  • overshadowing
  • loss of privacy
  • over development of land
  • effect on a streetscene / character of dwelling
Issues which are not "material" are, for example:
  • impact on property value
  • profit to be made
  • reasons or motives for the works e.g. to have 3 living rooms etc.
Hope the above is of use


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